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What you need


What you need if you are a pro:

A video as digital movie that ends in .mov, .flv, .m4v, .mp4, .f4v, or .avi click to upload. Some .mpg will also upload. Best results are achieved with .m4v and .flv of a smallish size such as CD size or anywhere in the region of 380 x 240. Your movie will be prepared automatically for the web by the software. If you have audio only, email to or turn audio into a movie. Everything else is here to support your existing professional software and staff.


If you are new to video translation:

If you are not a pro and want to learn to translate your own video, this software will explain what to do, and provide the basic features needed to prepare for the recording. It will show you how to adapt your script to fit the timing of your original video. This software can also be used during the recording because it displays the script at the correct timing as full sentence subtitles. Therefore, if you wish, you can use this software to keep you in sync with the original timing. You will record your voice using a desktop software of your choice, because web recording quality is not of sufficient technical quality (yet). There are many desktop audio recording software from cheap to expensive. When your audio recording is finished, if you need support to marry your recording to the movie, there is a fine online software for this purpose called Jaycut.



  • Translators can log in from anywhere in the world with a password. You can use your own staff, your favorite translator, or click to request a professional with years of experience in your field from the Directory of Translators.
  • Translators can only see their assigned project, in their own language. They will translate the script, and any on-screen graphic text, all right online. Or, export an MS Word file or Excel to be translated then re-imported.
  • If you have a "community video," and want to allow "wiki-style" translation, invite your members to translate, like a password controlled Wikipedia.
  • And, of course, if you are a translator yourself, you can translate online in the software or in MS Word, and this software will help assure that your translation will fit the timing of the original video.


Adapting the script

One of the important elements to translation is adapting to the length of the original video, so that the foreign voice recording will match the timing of the original guidetrack. TranslateYourVideo has a feature that alerts the translator when the translation is too long, so that he/she can adapt it to fit. This can be done without losing the message of your video, and instructions to the translator are included in the online software.



Review is an excellent adjunct to translation, and improves your chances of success. You can have your own in-house personnel review the translation online, or your client may have a reviewer. If you need either a translator or a reviewer, select a professional from the Directory of Translators, who will be pleased to assist you.



Use your own talent, your own voice, or select a fine pro talent from the Directory of Voice Talents guaranteed for accent and dialect. If you and/or your client would like to monitor and participate in the recording session as it occurs, you can do so via the web, anywhere in the world. No software installation is required as with Skype, no high international ISDN charges, no bridges. Just go to a web page.


Receiving Audio Files

When the recording is finished, and edited, it can be uploaded to your private TranslateYourVideo storage area. A web-compatible conversion of the audio file will be automatically created so that a linguist or your client can review the recording before being installed in your project software.


Finishing your project

If you are a pro, now that the audio files have arrived and the translation is available, and verified, you do your work as you always do - marry the sound and graphic screen text to the video, mix, compress. To finish, click to upload to TranslateYourVideo for final quality assurance and verification before release. Linguists, translators and clients can view the final video online to give final approval. If you are new, and do not have such software, try Jaycut online to do it all yourself.


Adding subtitles

Your video can also be swiftly transferred to another related software from the family Translate Your World, called Subtitle Your Video. This software will help you subtitle all or part of your video in other languages, quickly and inexpensively. Subtitle Your Video also helps you identify and properly handle foreign footage editing, voicing, and subtitling.


Professional support

You are not alone. Everything you need is here. If you have questions, click for free email support and advice.

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